Background Processing issues with GRT


We have backups with enabled GRT.  We have Sharepoint 2013 backups and Exchange 2010 and 2003. 

We are currently experiencing intermittent jobs getting stuck with Background Processing and it could run for days and no budge.

example: 0 of 87 backup selections processed for Granular Recovery Technology (GRT)

The last time it ran succesfully is around 3.23GB in size, for 4 hours *(incremental job) Sharepoin 2013.

It's getting stuck and it stays in background processing for days and nothing is happening.  No Activity on backup storage and CPU ok. 

It's happening on both Sharepoint and Exchange backups.  It doesn't finish completely.  Only thing to do is cancel it.  And most of the times, it goes to Cancel Pending and get stuck for hours and days. 

Does anyone have an advice pls? What to check? 

Thank you


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Re: Background Processing issues with GRT

Same problem here...

Last two weeks I have this same issue.

Whatever I do I can not solve this issue on my own...

Re: Background Processing issues with GRT

Any heavy loading of sharepoint and exchange during the backup?

What is the version of the backup exec?

You may check the event log of the backup server, sharepoint and exchange.


Re: Background Processing issues with GRT

I have the same issue with backup Exchange DAG. 

Getting stuck on background processing, 0 of 4 backup selections processed for GRT. 

When I disable GRT, backup is succesfully completed.

Does anyone know, where is the problem and how to resolve that?

Re: Background Processing issues with GRT

Same issue for here, Incremental backup runs for a long in current operation  'Background processing' . All VSS writes are stable and exchange DBs are healthy. Tried restarting the VSS services but no change.  No issues in DAG full backup. Pls. any solutions..


Re: Background Processing issues with GRT

Having the same problem here but with only one server. Running Windows Server 2012 R2, BEWS v20 with all agents. Only recently started but have had successful backups as of just a couple of weeks ago. Nothing has changed.
Have restarted the remote agent and recreated the job but no luck.

Have not been able to reboot the target server as it's a production SQL server.