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Backup 2 Disk Folder

Level 3
I have 26 incremental backup jobs that go to 2 different backup to disk folders. Occasionally 1 of the jobs will hang during verify with zero bytes remaining to verify. It's always a different job that fails. The job appears to have completed successfully, but it didn't close. I get the following error when I try to open the log file.

Unexpected end of input.

342: C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\Data\BEX_SHOPS465_07332.xml

The only way I can clear the unfinished job is to restart services.

I have tried re-creating some of the jobs and even created a new backup 2 disk folder but it hasn't helped.

NOTE: It is never more than 1 job that will fail. The other 25 work fine.

Any suggestions?

Level 6

Have you checked for any pending alerts, the issue may appear if there are alerts that needs to be responded.

Hope this helps you,
If this is not the case then do reply to this post for further assistance.

Note: We suggest you to update us on the issue within two business days, else we will assusme that the issue is resolved and will archive this post.


Level 3
Thank You for your repy.

No there are no alerts.

It is always just one of the 26 jobs that fails and it's not the same job each time.


Level 6

This is with referance to your post regarding the backup to backup to disk folders. We wish to know if the problem persists still? If yes, do elaborate on the following:

1. What are you backing up in these incremental jobs?
2. Since when is the problem occuring?
3. Do you receive any errors in the event logs for windows?
Do update us on the above if the problem is persistant. However if we do not receive your reply within two business days, this post would be marked ‘assumed answered’ and would be moved to ‘answered questions’ pool.


Level 6
As per our previous reply, marking the case as "assumed answered" and moving it to "answered questions" pool.

Level 3
No my question was never answered. But I am tired of waiting on you people for help. This forum sucks.

Level 6

We apologise for the inconvenience. Please revert with the latest updates so that we can continue the troubleshooting further.


NOTE : If we do not receive your reply within two business days, this post would be marked "assumed answered" and would be moved to "answered questions" pool.

Level 3
I know longer wish to bother with this question.

No it has not been solved but I'd rather live with the problem thatn continue with this disscusion.