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Backup Data through Fiber

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Hi every one,

I have a case want to share it with you, in case anyone can recommend best solution. I have Backup Exec 2012 server running on back server HP Proliant DL 380 G7 and this backup server connected to HP 2024 Tape Library with one drive only through SAS cable. the Backup Exec 2012 collect data for backup from 4 servers through network. Total Data from one server only ( file and shared server) is 2.5 T.B and the other servers is about 1 T.B, so the full backup process take very very long time, the backup rate is between 575 MBs to 676 MBs. and our policy is must take full backup every week and incremental backup daily. So any way to let this increase this backup rate.

I think in one solution, that I will buy 2 fiber HBA one to install it in Backup Server and the other one install it in file and shared server and connect the both servers through SAN Switch. I think it may be work but did I need any other licenses for backup exec to work through the fiber and see the file and shared server?????

so my solution will be as follows : Backup Server with Backup Exec 2012 connected through 6GB SAS cable to HP 2024 tape library, and the Backup Server connect through fiber cable to File and shared server.

I drew simple diagram to can understand me , please look to attached file.

So any one can give me an idea or tell me if I need to buy any new license or no.

Thank you for your time



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For this scenario to work every server that needs to move data across the SAN to the library directly has to be a media server. (extra licenses there for starters)


You will also need an ESO (CASO/SSO) setup (again more licensing needed)



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Honestly, the bottleneck is not your LAN.  It's your data.  

Generally speaking mixed workload file-type data is the slowest to backup.  Compunded with how much you have.

I would explore the BackupExec archiving option as a lower cost alternative to adding HBA's and licensing more ports on your FC switches.  

Backing up less data = means faster backups!

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Hi teiva- boy,


I just backup flat files no database, all data is word files and PDF files, but the data size is very large, so do you have any idea to solve this bottleneck, and if i use BackupExec archiving it will solve this issue.