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Backup Exec 16 - Download

Level 0

We have a server that has crashed and is unrecoverable.  The only good backup of this server was created in Backup Exec 16.  We need to restore this backup so we can pull files from it.  Is there any possible way we can download Backup Exec 16 even if it is for temporary use since we only need to restore this one backup?  We are really stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I spoke with a Customer Support Rep and he stated our account was not eligable for the Backup Exec 16 download.  The I.T. vendor at the time of purchase didn't register the software correctly for the owner of the business using the software so it only shows the business owner is licensed for version 14.

Please help us, we need to download Backup Exec 16 to restore one backup.  We are in desparate need of these files asap.

Thank you in advance for any help with this problem.


Level 6

You can download Backup Exec 21 Trailware.  It can catalog and restore data from Backup Exec 16 sets that are supported in Backup Exec 21.