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Backup Exec 20.3 - Duplicate backups to tape and free up virtual tape library

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Hello everyone,

I have a Backup Exec installation, version 20.3 that only exist because with BE we used to do our backups in the past, so because we need to keep those backups, we still have Backup Exec running (with perpetual license) in the case we need to restore any of them.

Now, we need to free up space from the tape library, that actually is a Virtual Tape Library, that emulates LTO5 tapes to the Backup Exec server, i would like to copy all the tapes to physical tapes, and then delete those backups from the Virtual Tape Library, but im having some trouble doing it and i need to know if it is the correct process:

1- I go to Backup and Restore tab, and go to the backup sets of a certain machine/virtual machine.

2- Click on backup sets.

3- Select all the backup sets i want to duplicate and select duplicate.

4- Here is where things get confused for me: In storage i select the tape drive where i have the physical tape inserted, media set: i selected the media set that has all the tapes on it. When this job begins: Append to media, overwrite if no appendable media is available, and then all the default settings.

If i want to free up space from the VTL, and move those backups to physical tapes, is this the recommended process to use?


Thank you in advance.




I think most of the people will use this way to free up the backup storage.