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Backup Exec 2010 wont finish a backup

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Hi All,

I have a backup which is currently running on a windows server 2008 R2, 64 bit which when the backup finishes taking all the data, it runs up until the automatic cancellation time and then just cancels the backup (still keeps the data though so it can be used for restoring). If i take off the automatic cancellation time the backup just keeps running for endless amounts of hours and doesn't stop. 

Is there any diagnostics i can go through to stop this happening? Its still able to recover data but its a pain as the backups all show up as cancelled so it looks worrying. 

Thanks all


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Hi, If you double-click to open the job in Job MOnitor, what does it state it is busy with? Thanks!


There is currently no backup running, it is scheduled to run at night time whilst nobody is using the server. Ill paste the errors below on why it cancels but it doesn't explain why the job just carries on running once i turn off the automatic cancellation. 

Completed status: Canceled, timed out
The job was automatically canceled because it 
exceeded the job's maximum configured 
run time.


Media mount failed.
User canceled a Physical Volume Library operation.
V-79-57344-33861 - The media operation was terminated by the user.

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Your job needs some media to be mounted.  Before you cancel the job, check the outstanding alerts and respond to them.

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Is this a tape or disk device? If tape, is it showing in Device Manager? And if it is, stop the BE services and run the manufacturer's diagnostic utility to make sure there are no hardware issues. Thanks!

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Are you ejecting the tape at and of job as if you are the job wil not end until you acknowledge the media removal alert (which I think you can set an autoresponse on if you do not intend to do manual responses to the alert)