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Backup Exec Tape drive LTO7

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I am writing to seek your assistance as I am facing an issue with my LTO tape drive, which operates with Backup Exec 22.

During the production shutdown, I suspended the tape export operations. To do this, we put the drive on hold in Backup Exec (Storage tab, right-click, then "Suspend").

Now, I need to bring the drive back online, but it is no longer recognized.

I followed the instructions provided in the following link:

Troubleshooting hardware with Backup Exec for Windows Servers using the SCSI Trace Utility (tracer.e...

Meanwhile, the manufacturer came and replaced the hardware under warranty (drive + cable + SCSI card).

I ran the tracer.exe utility and received the error message "STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW."

I have attached below the result of Tracer.exe. Would anyone be able to provide me with some guidance to resolve this issue?

Thank you in advance.


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Make sure that the tape drive is recognised by Windows and is functioning correctly in the Device Manager, then run the manufacturer's diagnostic utility against it.

Sorry, I didn't put all the information, but the hardware is correctly recognized in the device manager.
If I post this message it is that everything seems correct on the Windows system, and I start to think that the problem seems on the application side. Thank you for your support.

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In the Device Manager, make sure that the tape drive is using the Microsoft driver.

Delete the tape drive and then restart BE to get the tape drive recognised.