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Backup Exec & Exchange: general question to recovery

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I'm using Backup Exec with Agents on each of my four DAG Exchange Servers to backup our Exchange Mailbox Databases to an external Target. Recovery is working fine for any accidentaly lost element - single message, single mailbox, etc.

Now my question is a more general one - what is best practice in case of a disaster? What I mean is complete loss of my Exchange Servers and Backup Exec Server, due to, let's say, fire in the datacenter room or something similar, so that the only thing I have left is my external storage with the Backup Exec backups of my Exchange data. How will I proceed in rebuilding my environment and get access to the backed up data? I'm looking forward to any input from the community.

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If all is lost, and you have your backup data on some sort of external storage, you would do the following: 1. Install BE on a new server (physical/VM) 2. Attach the disk, add in a new storage location in BE; 3. Catalog the B2D and this will populate your BEDB with the information; 4. Restore your data as you would normally and then perform any additional tasks to get your applications like Exchange running again. THanks!