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Backup Exec options

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Hi guys, consider me an almost newbie in terms of BackupExec.

I have three servers:

  • Windows 2008 r2 - BackupExec 2012/Tape drive is on here
  • Windows 2012 r2 - this is a server to backup to the tape drive
  • Windows 2019 Standard - this is a new server just added

I didnt install/setup the BackupExec but the search function crashes the app and its driving me mad with how slow it is etc. I would like to switch the backup system to either the 2012 or 2019 server (would need to get a new controller card for either). I know this version of BackupExec will not work on them and would need to purchase a new one. Either way a question I have is that if I was to simply install a new version on a newer server and did not do a migration of data (as it feels like its a total mess and would like to start a fresh). How would you create a new catalogue of the tapes already been used? Would it be a case of inserting the tapes one by one and doing a catalogue on them. There is about 125 tapes to go through.

If I were to try Migrate the catalogues, would it be simple to go from such an old version to a new version?

Sorry for the newbish question but thought I'd give the questions a shot!

Thanks for your time :)


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You can copy the contents of the Catalog directory on your old BE Server to the Catalog directory of the new BE Server and restart all the BE services.  The new BE Server should recognise the old catalogs.