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NetBackup 10.4 Adds K8s Malware Scanning Support and New Malware Scanning Features

Level 4

Previous versions of NetBackup offered great backup data malware scanning options. But version 10.4 adds a litany of great new malware scanning features you’ll want to have. Just upgrade and they’re yours today:

  • Scanning of K8s unstructured namespace data at the file system level
  • A new malware scanning job configuration validation tool. Pre-test job configurations with a test/dry run of the malware scanning job. A configuration validator screen lets you run a quick scan of a few files specified in the job to see if the configuration will work the way you want it to.
  • VMWare single file restore (SFR) can now skip infected files, not just flag them
  • Separate malware scan jobs now appear in Activity Monitor instead of being part of other jobs. This allows scan jobs to be managed separately with Activity Monitor controls
  • Scan host failover. Teamed scan hosts can take over scanning jobs for each other if a scan job fails for any reason on the first host. A notification of failover is posted
  • Additional fields are added in scan results and view details for those running security operations center (SOC) as a service (SOCaaS). SOC is a cloud-based subscription threat detection service. Host and policy-specific messages are added so it’s easier to identify which system(s) contain malware threats
  • Past scanning results can now be deleted

An automatic Ansible script for silent malware scanning configuration will be available on GitHub once the script is past Open Source Review Board (OSRB) approval.