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Backup Job Stops, Error E00084ED

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we are facing some problems with backuping one of our machines with BE 2012 (Rev. 1798)

The Jobs starts without problems but after about 1 hour (something between 1:15 and 1:30) the job stops and fails with error E00084ED.

BEREMOTE: [09.02.13 12:37:50] [6056]     2013-09-02T12:37:49.972 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - NrdsAdvertiserThread: connect to target= port=6101 failed
BEREMOTE: [09.02.13 12:37:50] [6056]     2013-09-02T12:37:49.972 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - NrdsAdvertiserThread: Retrying in 60 seconds
BEREMOTE: [09.02.13 12:38:50] [6056]     2013-09-02T12:38:49.971 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - NrdsAdvertiserThread: Security is enabled!!!
BEREMOTE: [09.02.13 12:38:50] [6056]     2013-09-02T12:38:49.971 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - GetCertificateDataFolderPath: Not checking for cluster.
BEREMOTE: [09.02.13 12:38:50] [6056]     2013-09-02T12:38:49.971 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ConnectToNameServer: failed to get active client certificate for ''
BEREMOTE: [09.02.13 12:38:50] [6056]     2013-09-02T12:38:49.971 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - NrdsAdvertiserThread: connect to target= port=6101 failed
BEREMOTE: [09.02.13 12:38:50] [6056]     2013-09-02T12:38:49.971 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - NrdsAdvertiserThread: Retrying in 60 seconds
BEREMOTE: [09.02.13 12:39:50] [6056]     2013-09-02T12:39:49.971 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - NrdsAdvertiserThread: Security is enabled!!!


The remote machine is in dmz behind a cisco firewall, but this shouldn't be the problem. Port 6101 is permanently opened. Also there are no connectivity losses. Ping runs constantly without one error.

We already reinstalled the RA

Some ideas? What could be the problem?


Thanks in advance



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Not just port 6101, but other ports are required as well.

Secondly, right-click on this machine (from the Backup & Restore tab of the media server) and choose establish trust. Confirm a trust relationship is established successfully.

And open the remote agent utility on the remote server. Verify the publishing and the security tab is populated.

Lastly, verify the remote agent service is started and running under a local system account on the remote server.



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yes, of course, but the error says that he cannot connect to port 6101.

We are backuping other devices in the same dmz without problems. I don't think that the firewall is the problem. All requiered ports should be opened including1.000 dynamic ports.

A trusted relationship is established. Both publishing and the security tab are populated.

The RA runs under LSA as well.



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I have PMed you some info. Let me know if that helps.

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I have the same issue.

Anyone found the resolution?


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Hello Denis & Andy,

     FIrst of all I do not think that the issue is with the network or Ports. After some retries the connection must have been successful. 

Searching with that error code I found it is related to the following:

Source Error Code
Value 0xe00084ed

A hardware error occurred


Refer to the following technote so know more about the same: : How to troubleshoot issues with a Robotic Library (autoloader/changer) and/or Tape Drive(s).


Andy you may want to open a new forum post.