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Backup is getting failed - Case number is 21728022 - Backup-Flat files –Fails-0xe000fe36 - Corrupt d

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My Case number is 21728022 - Backup-Flat files –Fails-0xe000fe36 - Corrupt data encountered.

This case has been logged since 11th of November and I have not reach to any single conclusion. All I have done is only troubleshooting from different executive from Veritas Support.

Changed settings in Backup job schedule
Backup Option>Advance Open File>Snapshot provider: System-User Microsoft Shadow Copy Provider

As informed by Veritas Support Engineer, Installed Fearture pack and Hot fix. (1. BE1180.3142RSP5_x64bit, 2. Backup Exec 15 revision 1180 Feature Pack 5 & 3. Backup Exec 15 Revision 1180 Hotfix 116031)

Troubleshooting steps like providing full access of Folder of which we are taking backup. Restart Volume Shadow Copy service.

 I have provided Bug Monitor logs & Job failed logs.


I have been informed that I dont have Exchange Server Backup licence, for which I have clrearly informed that WE ARE NOT USING ANY EXCHANGE SERVER AND HAVE SENT EMAIL FOR SAME.

In last created new Backup job and ran but no success.

All of the time we are doing changes, taking backup and backup is getting failed. Its been 20 days since I have not taken backup.

I need this case to be escalated higher level and get it resolved as early as possible.



Ronald Demola

+91 9925615939


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Wrong place for this, and definitely the wrong place to be putting your case number down on. VOX is community-based. If you would like anybody here to assist, then you'd state that. If you want your case escalated, then PM Colin Weaver or VJware. Thanks!

Thank You Craig.