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Backup or verify hangs randomly

HW & SW: Primergy server TX150 - TX200, HP Ultrium 2, Adaptec Ultra160, Veritas 10D 


Tape will eject unfinished, randomly somewhere between backup and verify. Backup or verify will finnish if somebody just insert tape back to drive, usually multiple times.


This problems is in multiple places, only thing which connects these cases is that there is HP Ultrium 2 external tape drives.


And please note that those backups has been completed succelfully earlier.


What I've done to solve situation


Updated drivers

Changed tape drive

Changed SCSI card

Changed tapes

Updated HP ultrium firmware

Reinstalled Veritas


Don't help, problem cames and goes. It might work week or two sometimes, untill it cames back, all those what I've done has helped day or two :catsad:


Please don' just say update veritas, because it has worked quite long time before and I want to know is this known problem.

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Re: Backup or verify hangs randomly

I feel your pain "IU" i'm having exactly the same problems but with version 10.0 5484. I've done more than my fair share of suggestions from this forum:


First checked:

- compression ratio

- device hardware failures

- device drivers & upgrade firmware

- media & media errors

- cable connections

- Scsi card and drivers, firmware

(all are up to date and device has been analyzed by HP Storage Works device tool)


Suggestions tried:

- Moved allocated media to scratch then back again to original media set

- move job schedule to scratch

- create new job, new media set

- test new media

- append the media set rules to lowest defined for overwrite

- changed block size, buffer size, buffer count

- changed compression types


Yet still no sucessfull backup after it reaches 99% it will simply either eject the tape or say 'loading media' to which i have responded no.