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Backup verify is running extremely slow

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I am using Small Business Server 2011 Standard and Backup Exec 2010 R3, Backup verify is running extremely slow suddenly. 

The data is backed up to an external Hard disk, It used to take 1.5 hours to finish a daily backup job (~300 MB/mins)but it took 4 hours  and then even went to 46 hours(7-15 MB/mins). Data size is similar as usual. All backup folders are excluded in Symantec Endpoint. 

I tried to run backup job to another local disk (instead of external Hard disk), speed still the same.

Is there any solution for this? Thank you.





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You should be looking at separating the Verify job from the actual job itself. There is a setting in BE 2010 R3 for this. It means your backup job will complete, and only then will the Verify job run. Thanks!

 Hi CraigV,

Thanks, do you mean the option "Verify after backup completes" (attached)?

It's already selected, the backup speed it normal but the verify speed dropped dramatically like 6MB/min now

Any solution? Thank you.



Dear CraigV,

Thanks, I have created a new data verify job to try, my question is, as I have to select the resources according to backup date (attached), is that mean I have to revise the selection manually everyday instead of making it a recursive one?
thank you.



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In Job Setup -> under backup tasks there should be an option to seperately verify the data. You can try to run a manual verify the job and check the rate. If earlier one isnt performing well then this may also show same behaviour. You can cancel it if thats the case.

For recurring Verify Jobs you can setup a policy and add the backup and verify template. When you save the policy, it wil ask you to map this policy with a selection list, then you can choose the selection list where you selected the resources that you want to backup. This way after the backup completes, a seperate verify job will run post the backup Job.

Ensure exclusions are set properly for backup exec processes

You can check the read speed of the disk. Has the disk detoriated over time ? Check system event logs and application event logs as well to rule out any disk Issues.





thanks Gurv,

yes, the verify job on the same data is slow even after separated, I have cancelled it.
I have created a new back job and will try to run the verify job when it's finished.

For policy setting, the option is grey out on my side, is it related to version?