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BackupExec Dedupe performance / ESX backup

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I have 2 issues with Backup Exec 2010.

1. I've set up dedupe backup to Deduplication Storage Folder on a SAN, according to BE Admin guide with direct access enabled. However, when the backup runs the second time, the job cycles through the same amount of data as it did the first time. Am I missing something, shouldn't the dedupe option only transfer the changed/deduped data to the server? I thought one of the ideas with dedupe was to minimize the backup window, with the situation I have now, the backup takes just the same amount of time as before.

2. ESX backup. Where is the other files? I only see the VMDK file. Where is the VMX? How can I restore a virtual server without this? I thought that the ESX backup was supposed to be complete, including all the VMX etc. Now I have to manually set up the options for a restored server manually (the amount of RAM, numer of CPUs etc).

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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I am having a similiar issue with Hyper-V.  The backup completes successfully, but a restore operation just gives me the files back, and does not register the VM with the server / cluster.  I end up having to create a new VM "shell" with the correct RAM, etc.. And when the VM comes up I have to enter a new IP address because the NIC's "change".