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Backups keep failing on Backup exec 9.1 for Netware

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I have run into a problem with regards to the backups at my one client. Everything was running fine up until about 2 weeks ago. I backup just over 100Gb each night. About 2 weeks ago my backups started failing and I'm not to sure what is going on. I have run the cleaning tape in the drive and that seemed to work for 2 days and now its back to normal. One day the backup will go through fine at 105Gb and then the next at 90Gb it asks for a new tape, then the following day it goes through on 105Gb and then the next day it fails at 80Gb.


Any ideas on how to solve this?


Level 3
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Assuming that you are are running full backup set everynight, this behavior would not be expected. Fulls and increments, yes.


If the backup is truley failing you should be seeing something either related to a hardware or software error, connectivity etc...


Are there any error codes/msgs being produced? Are you seeing any media errors?


How is the tape drive connected? SCSI/Fiber?



Brett - Symantec SE