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Beware of BE 2012 trying to sneak by in LiveUpdate!

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Judging by all of the negative comments I've read here about Backup Exec 2012 (mostly on how you can't combine multiple servers into one backup job), I just wanted to post a warning about BE 2012 trying to sneak by when I performed a LiveUpdate on our BE 2010 installation. LiveUpdate had 3 items available to update, but just showed one update item. Fortunately, I expanded the item, and it showed two Hotfixes and Backup Exec 2012!

Is this how Symantec is trying to get folks to update to a flawed product, by trying to sneak it by? I thought that upgrading a major version of BE should only be performed after making a full backup of the media server, so what if the "update" to BE 2012 would have blown away my media server? Not to mention, most of my current BE 2012 backup jobs combine multiple servers in one job--what would have happened to those jobs?

So, if anyone else is about to perform a LiveUpdate, ALWAYS check the items that are going to be installed, lest you end up with an unwanted BE 2012 installation!

Garry K


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No, that is only a notification that BE2012 is released and you CAN upgrade if you would like/have licenses.

A new version will not be distributed through liveupdate !

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FYI... You cannot upgrade to a major version through LiveUpdate. Only Hotfixes and Service Packs

can be installed through LiveUpdate. To upgrade any version of BE you need to manually download

BE ISO and than perform an upgrade.

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Well, I certainly wasn't going to allow BE 2012 to possibly install through LiveUpdate! Symantec has notified me plenty of times through email that BE 2012 was available through email, so why did they feel the need to notify me through LiveUpdate? Weird. In any event, we're staying on BE 2010 as we don't want to have 50 backup jobs for our different servers!


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You got e-mail notifications because you are listed as the site contact in the BE licence.  In some organisations, the BE administrators are not the same person as the site contact and they don't get the e-mail notifications, so they need the notifications through LU to tell them of new releases.