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Cannot see Hyper-v VM in selection list

Level 5

I have a MMS server SERMMS16 installed with agent for VMware and hyper-V.
I want to use this MMS Server to backup the VM on another Hyper-v server HYPERHOST6.
I have intalled the backup agent on HYPERHOST6 and the VM VMSERVER2, add HYPERHOST6 into MMS server SERMMS16 as " Microsoft Hyper-V Host ".
I cannot see the Hyper-v and VM in selection of HYPERHOST6 when creating backup job on SERMMS16.But can see the windows folders.Think I do not need to install backup exec on HYPERHOST6,only need to install the backup agent,right? Is there any port was blocked for the communication between SERMMS16 and HYPERHOST6 ?
I found the icon of HYPERHOST6 in MMS is not displayed as the icon "Microsoft Hyper-V Host". But the icon in CASO is for "Microsoft Hyper-V Host". I confirm the "Agent for VMware and Hyper-V" on the MMS server SERMMS16  has been installed properly. Thanks


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Is the remote agent started on the remote server? Have you made sure any firewall on the remote server is either stopped or has an exclusion in for port 10000 (RAWS agent)?


Level 5

confirm the agent is runing and 10000 is open. I can see the Windows folder in the selection list, but canot see hyper-v VM. Any other idea?  Please help. Thanks