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Cataloging Old Tapes does not show full contents

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Hi All,

New poster here. Ive searched and haven't been able to find a solution or clues to my problem.

I've been trying to get a look at some old tapes to see if i can find copies of some lost data. Our current server is running backup exec v20.3 with ultrium 7 tapes.

The old system used backup exec v11 (I think!) and ultrium 6 tapes.

So i take one of the old Full weekend tapes and do and inventory and catalog on the new server. After a few minutes it reports success and finds 1 windows servers full data. total 254gb. 

Good start but i know there should be more. There were other servers backed up to that tape. Also, the tape shows in the media list as being 1.19TB used. Which sounds right for the full backup that should be on it.

Can anyone suggest why it might not be finding everything on the tape?

Thanks in advance,




Please check if you have enabled this settings. If yes, you may try to disable it.

You can enable back after successful catalog.

Use storage-based catalogs: When cataloging a media, read the catalog information that is on the media. This allows the catalog operation to complete much faster, as it is not reading each file on the media to build a new catalog. This is how the Catalog job works if this option is selected. This can also be referred to as the FAST CATALOG METHOD.
If the Use storage media-based catalogs check box is not selected during a catalog operation, all files on the media must be read file-by-file to create a new catalog and this is a slower than if Use storage-based catalogs is selected. This can be referred to as the SLOW CATALOG METHOD.

Hi, many thanks for replying.

When I uncheck that box the catalog completes showing zero bytes. the log shows that the tape has already been cataloged so maybe doesn't attempt again. Can i delete that tapes catalog and try again?


Yes move the tape to the "Retired Media set" then go into the Retired Media set and Delete the tape - this will delete the catalog files.