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DRP with NDMP backup and Netapp filer


We are backuping our Netapp filer with BE 16 and NDMP protocol (arround 100TB).

In case of major issue, we may have to be able to restore a few data ASAP (financials data, RH data and some unpredictable data).

We notice that it's not possible to restore NDMP backup on a different vendor hardware. It's a problem for the business.

Is there any workaround (with NDMP backup)?

Thank you for your time and feedback.



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Re: DRP with NDMP backup and Netapp filer

You have some options - backup over CIFS shares (which will be slower than NDMP)


Setup the NDMP devices to provide SAN LUNs and attach them to servers - write the data into the LUNs and backup the data frm the LUNs via the servers that own the LUN attachments.

This will no longer use the NDMP option but if you make the SAN attached server a Backup Exec server in its own right it should still be relatively quick - of course you will have to re-think and re-provision your storage to achieve this in a production environent that is already actively used.


Re: DRP with NDMP backup and Netapp filer

You may want to investigate a NetApp trial/simulator/VM instance as part of your worst case scenario plan.

It worked here: