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Disk Storage Lockdown Status: Enabled with exceptions

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So yeah, my disk storage lockdown status is enabled with exceptions. My question is, what are those exceptions? I am guessing its exceptions on my backup storage rather than backup jobs. But how can I determine exactly what is locked down and what isnt?




can you post the detail exception message? or you can post the job log....

Sorry, I didnt get notified of your response. There is no job log or details of the exception message, if there was I could probably work it out based on that. I am talking about the Disk Storage Lockdown Status which is "enabled with exceptions". This is a global setting in:

Backup Exec Settings > Network and Security > Disk Storage Lockdown Setting. 

in other words, it is not related to any individual backup jobs. But rather to all jobs or my storage devices. 

Attaching a screenshot of the status.

I know from:

that my tapes dont have the disk storage protection. But I am unsure if my HP StoreOnce 3640 device has the protection enabled or not. Also unsure about a network share.