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Disk deduplicate to disk

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My company want to change the actual backup system.

So i try the last Backup Exec version, but i have a problem to make what i want.

I have configure a backup job "save to deduplicate disk" (NFS volume attach to the VM), it works.

next, in order to protect this data, i want to create a copy of this volume to a remote share, so i have created a new job "disk to disk" but when i launch a complete save, it copy nothing and say "succes", i don't understand why !

i hope my english is correct.

best regards,



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You would add in a stage, not a new backup job. the stage will duplicate your backups to the next storage device. a stand-alone job won't have much context of the previous job.

Bear in mind that when you duplicate from a dedupe folder (that's how you have described it in the topic) to another B2D, the data rehydrates.



Thanks to you.

I understand you're solution but it's not that we want.

In the beginning we want to make a job to copy data on a deduplicate remote disk but it's not possible on BE 16.

So the idea that we thought is to copy the data deduplicate on the local deduplicate disk (create by BE) to the remote share.

If is'nt possible, have you another solution ?

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You need two BE servers to do that, one in local site one in remote site with both servers owning a deuplication stoarge folder and with a CASO (ESO) setup


I try this and answer to you if is good.


Could you give me the way to install BE in this configuration ?

i have always one BE install locally, how i install BE on the remote server and have the "centralise console" to managed the two BE in the same time ?


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Probably way to much to describe via the forums - you need to read up on CASO setups and also Optimized duplication between deduplication stores


Basic steps are install two BE servers, setup Deduplication on both, setup one of them as a CAS server, then add the other one as a managed server, then sort out which server will do the origonal backup in order to decide which deduplication folder to share via the CAS setup


Then create a job that backs up to one deduplication store and then duplicates to the other one


BTW this type of setup does require a reliable, always on WAN link between the two servers.

I'm sorry to ask this in the forum but i actually try this product before buy it and no support exist for this and no document are in french (i understand english but it's always more easy in my language).

I try tomorrow to build this configuration.

thanks again to you