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Eject After Verify

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I have a backup job that has a verify setting:

"After job finishes, as a separate job". This job has ran for a couple months. No as of the last few weeks - driving me crazy, it will eject before verify instead of after! WTH is going on? This used to run the backup, then verify, then eject. Why is it different now? What update is causing this if any?




Employee Accredited Certified
Is it asking for a new tape to complete the backup ? Has the data set size increased ? If not, can you run verify as part of backup job itself ?
If you deselect the setting to eject after job completes, does the tape remain in the drive ?

So sorry - I am supposed to get a notification that there was a reply - needless to say - That didn't happen,

Also, I guess the title is misleading - the job previously would eject after verify - Now it ejects before. No other updates have been applied. No changes to the job. If I say OK after the eject, the verify job starts and asks for the tape! This is ridiculous! The verify is a 'separate' job attached to the backup job - linked - It always acted as a single job, completed both then would eject. What gives? AHhhhhhhh


From your original post "verify setting: After job finishes, as a separate job"

It is my understanding that with that option specified the Verify is a separate job; hence the RDX is ejected after the actual  backup job and not after the "separate" verify job.
I would suggest you change the verify option to "At the end of the job" which means the Verify is part of the actual backup job and therefore the eject should happen post the verify.