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Exchange 2003 GRT Backups Slow

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My Exchange GRT backups are slow.

Exchange server:  Exchange 2003 on Server 2003.

BE server: BE 2010 R2 Build 4164 on Server 2008 R2.

Both Full and Diff GRT to B2D and the Dup to tape are very slow.  The Dup jobs are somewhat faster for the Job Rate.

Example: Right now a Diff to B2D is at 7.00 MB/Min and the Byte Count is 306MB.  THe job status is Updating Catalogs.

All of my other B2D jobs run at 1500MB +.


Why are GRT jobs for Exchange so slow?


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Please check the technote below for Slow GRT backup that should help you to understand



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Right now a Diff to B2D is at 7.00 MB/Min and the Byte Count is 306MB

How much time is required for this job to be completed?? I do not see any problem with the Job rate here because your data is not that big. Its just 306 MB. This seems to be working normal for the low amount of data that is getting backed up.

Try to backup some big amout of data of Exchange (some 2 to 5 GB) and then see what is the job rate.




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Hi Navar,


My recommendation would be to upgrade to BE 2010 R3 with Service Pack 1...R3 apparently fixes a number of known issues with other versions. Once done, do a push-install to any remote servers.

What device are you backing up too? What sort of speed do you get if you do a test backup of Exchange directly to tape?



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My B2D are internal drives to the BE server.

I am getting faster backup now.  I added a number of AV excluions.  We use Mcafee and their website has a master Article for exclusion. 

Corporate KnowledgeBase ID:    KB66909


If i upgrade to the most current version and push the agent out, will it require a reboot for the servers that get the new agent?  Will the R2 agent still communicate with the R3 server?

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After you push out your agents, the status will show whether a re-boot is required.  A R2 agent will communicate with a R3 server, but you would not be getting the benefits of any updates.

Partner    VIP    Accredited don't need can "fool" BE into thinking the server has been rebooted.

Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_SOFTWARE_Symantec there would be a key falled PatchReboot...delete this entry. BE thinks the server has been rebooted, and if you DO need a reboot, it allows you to do so at a more convenient time.