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Client side Dedup, very slow to start backup

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Hello Everybody,

With NBU 10.3 we have still have the malfunction with 3 or 4 minutes lost on some client side dedup backup.

For example we using a single policy to backup each Oracle and SAP database with a dedicated archivelog schedule and we lost 4 minutes on each archivelog backup...

Do you know some solutions to reduce this delay ?

Many thanks.


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I suppose that before the upgrade to 10.3, Oracle log backups with client deduplication ware 3 to 4 minutes faster.
Interesting. From what version you upgrade to 10.3?

As 10.3 is relative new, I suggest you to open a case to support. Try to find evidence of this delay. (old version backups)

No we have the same malfunction since 8.1.1 

strangely the problem can disappear momentarily after rebooting the primary server

26 mai 2022 20:33:05 - Info msdpname (pid=259454) Using OpenStorage client direct to backup from client clientname to msdpname
26 mai 2022 20:36:13 - begin writing