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Exchange, Failed during freeze operation (9).


I've been having issues with the backup of my Exchange Information Store. The freeze operation fails. However when I list the writers none are in an error or failed state.

I have made sure that Backup Exec 12.5 is up to date with the most recent service pack (sp4) and updates.

The server is a Small Business Server 2008 which is also up to date. Exchange has been updated with the most recent Service Pack (sp3).

The license for Backup Exec includes a license for Exchange.

Rebooting the server seems to resolve the problem for about a week.

Exchange is being backed up with a seperate job which starts well ahead of the others.

The server hardware also checks out fine. There are no drive errors.

I have run out ideas how to fix this issue. We have similar set-ups with many different clients, which all seem to be working fine.

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Hi, Which vs of exchange are


Which vs of exchange are you talking about?

do you have any exchange anti-virus? If so, try stop anti-virus while you run a job.




The SBS 2008 uses exchange

The SBS 2008 uses exchange 2007 sp3. The anti-virus has been disabled allready.


Same issue

I am having the exact same issue.  Moving the Exchange backup to a seperate job helped for about a month but started throwing the same error.  I am now working with MS tech support examining the VSS writers but we're getting nowhere.  I also have many clients with the same setup and they rarely see these issues.


Count me in on this one.

Count me in on this one. Seems its a problem with no answers/solutions. Well apart from restart the server which is a load of rubbish if you ask me as this isnt a fix. The errors are none discriptive and the solutions symantec offer are as good as a chocolate tea pot.



Yep, going to tag a post here

Yep, going to tag a post here too as this is a very odd one - exactly the same symtoms and a reboot or restart of the backup/exchange services seems to also help on occasions.

Out of interest, heres my setup in breif, maybe we can find some common ground and 'weed' out where the problem is.


SBS2008 SP2

Exchange 2007 sp1

Backup Exec 12.5 SP3

Sony AIT4 (SDX-900v) Tape drive firmware 0107

Sophos AV (console v4, client 9.5)

Hardware is Fujitsu TX200 S4 model





I've just found this ! Which

I've just found this ! Which suggests there is no permanent fix yet.


Ive been advised to upgrade

Ive been advised to upgrade to Backup Exec 2010 R3 - half the problem Im facing is the vssadmin error differs from time to time but the overall backup exec error is the same.

Setup here:

SBS2008 SP2

Exchange 2007 SP1

Backup Exec 2010 SP1 (soon to be R3)

Startech external USB drive


Sophos AV console (v4, client 9.5)

Hardware HP Proliant ML330 G6

Ian it seems we have kind of the same setup... I cant see any of these products causing issues as I had months without any backup problems and then lately it started again - v.annoying.


One thing I did notice and it

One thing I did notice and it might be worth you trying - enable GRT. If you do this the backup seems to work each and every time its only when you turn this off and you get a single backup file it fails


Interesting, and I'll try it

Interesting, and I'll try it next time it fails. As you said we have a similar setup but can't see any of it causing the issue. Though sophos did retire their old version - did you do an upgrade on that? My servers didn't have it done though.

I've got another very similar system though we use an RDX drive to backup to and that randomly works sometimes but mostly doesn't. Again, with the exchange side only. Though I'm moving these to system recovery rather than BE12.5/2010.


Applied backup Exec 2010 R3

Applied backup Exec 2010 R3 last night and will do my first backup tonight so I'll see what happens. Ive inherited the system here and our renewal for AV is up next month so I may be moving to something else. Will let you know how it goes.


All the best


GRT was already enabled on

GRT was already enabled on mine and its just failed again after about 4-5 backups.

I may turn off the AV completely tonight just to see what happens. Thankfully mine only fails on the second storage group which isn't used but the client gets a backup report and doesnt like seeing red text!

Slightly seperate issue, got another 12.x backing up to a RDX drive which fails in a similar fashion (when they remember to put the cartridges in) and a 3rd client also with 12.x and a RDX that gets different issues again (mis-reporting space, I believe, or can't overwrite).

All are sbs2008's and pretty identical. Thinking about it, they're all setup by the same engineer. Maybe it was something in the setup that's making this happen? Saying that though it's not exactly difficult to install SBS2008.


Best Regards



Here is something that may be

Here is something that may be related, I've just come across it while looking at possible conflicts with Sophos.

Second storage group, the part that's failing for me backs up between the following times (according to last nights logs). It's also top of the resource priority list, I guess I did that some point in the past.

 Start time             : 26 May 2011 21:01:25

End time               : 27 May 2011 05:23:22 

That's a long time for the second storage group to backup, considering it's 100mb (basically empty)

I thought I'd make a new scanning policy for the server only in Sophos console, so I've done that and told it to exclude the Exchange folder, and removed a nightly scheduled scan - which I didn't realise was there! This scan is set to start at... yes Smiley Happy 21:00 hours. It has also picked up a suspicious temp file in the exchange folder too. This is all a little too co-incidental to me.

 C:\program files\microsoft\exchange\trasnport roles\data\temp\Cts40673.tmp 

I've not tested it yet but I'm not going to restart any servers or services and see what happens tonight. Thought i'd get this down before I forget, being the weekend and all!


Best Regards



In addition to my above post,

In addition to my above post, I've also just noticed that the overall job rate is around 350mb/s compared to 550-650 back in Feburary. Though this is an average overall figure it's certainly declined over the months.

Also I don't get an 8 hour time on the second storage group on a sucessful backup, it does it in a few minutes.


Best Regards



Made no difference to my

Made no difference to my backup unfortunately, though it may be a co-incidence but it increased the backup rate by 150mb/min.