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Exchange Restore from a VSS snapshot

Level 3
Exchange restore
Situation:  you have an exchange server that is backed up using BE11d.  The backup of the information store is done via snapshot. 

The problem:  you have a user who has deleted a folder within their exchange mailbox.  Note:  You have passed the retention period of deleted items as set under your primary exhange server as seen in the first administrative group. 

You know that because the information store is backed up as a snap shot,  you cannot restore to a recovery storage group. 

Question:  Describe in detail how you would go about recovering the mailbox for the user.  NOTE:  You cannot dismount the active (currently running) information store.
This store is running in a 24/7 environment.

There must be some way where I can get that information off of the tape and onto a server other than the exchange server and then point an exchange recovery tool at the data or if possible mount the data for recovery either on a test exchange server or via a query from the production server


Level 6
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