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Export list of directories for all included servers and whether they are selected or not

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Hello everyone. I have a unique issue that I'm hoping someone here can help me resolve. I am using BE version 20.6. I have around 15 servers selected for backup. I'm needing to export a list of all directories on those servers and the list needs to indicate whether that directory is selected for backup or not. There doesn't appear to be a way natively to do this within Backup Exec, but is there a CLI command or SQL query that will pull this information for me and pipe it to a file somehow? I found a SQL query online that pulls the servers and the selection details, but I'm needing the full list of all directories that Backup Exec found for the added server and which of those directories are included or not included in that backup job. Thank you for any help you can provide!

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I found this article and will try it. If anyone else has any suggestions, they are also welcome. Thank you again.

Export Backup Selection list via BEMCLI 

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You can use CatTools to get the list of things backed up in a job.

That's interesting. I'll take a look at that as well. Thank you.


Just adding a comment/thought:
If a server is selected at the top level by selecting the server itself (a ü  "tick" is displayed) and everything selected underneath is included automatically.
This means if someone create a new folder somewhere within the file system, this new folder will be included when the job runs the next time.
Therefore even if you manage to create such a script you after, the moment someone creates a new folder or deletes a folder your output of that script is no longe valid.