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Final error: 0xe00086cc - Access Denied.(Agent update)

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We run BE v21, and for the most it's working. Some servers run the backup but also say that the agent is outdated:

The remote computer is running a previous version of the Backup Exec Agent for Windows. You must upgrade the Agent for Windows to enable the new features and capabilities of the current version of Backup Exec
. I then proceed to do an update of the agent from the server. But then I get the error message:

Final error: 0xe00086cc - Access Denied. Ensure that you have the appropriate credentials to access the remote computer and that the UAC remote restrictions are disabled and then try again.

On the backup server we have a service account that runs the BE services. On the servers with the agent, I see that this service account is added to the local administrator group. But the "Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows" service was set to use Local System. So I guess that this might be an issue, so I changed the service to use the same service account as the BE server is using. But still  I get the same error message.

I also turned off UAC (with a change in Registry) and rebooted the server. Still I get the same error message.

So what else can stop the agent from being updated? I find it strange since the server is being backup up.



I would suggest to check what credentials are specified for each of these server and maybe try a different one.
Right click on a server, select Details and then select Credentials as per this screenshot.