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Full server Restore Fails

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I have a Production server (HP ProLiant DL360 G9, RAID 50, 2.1TB SAS, Windows Server 2016 Standard, Sql Server 2017 Standard) and I try to use SDR to restore this to another Backup Server (HP ProLiant DL360 G9, RAID 50, 3.9TB SAS), My backup medium is a Quantum LTO-4 tape drive attached to the production server.

I have ensured that my backup has the Simplified Disaster Recovery status and downloaded the SDR disc from the "Configuration and Settings > Create Disaster Recovery Disc" menu, When I use the disc, it connects to my network, finds the backup exec server, identifies the SDR backup and then begins the restore smoothly without issue,

When the restore finishes and I go to reboot the Restored server, it gets through the UEFI BIOS stage and then shows "No bootable device found",

I have tried the restore twice, once allowing the software to configure the storage leaving roughly 1.8TB unconfigured and once reconfiguring the storage manually to make use of the whole disk.

On further inspection using the SDR disc and DiskPart I find that the drives are not set as bootable and the boot and system sectors do not show as boot or system as they do in diskpart on the production server.

When booting with a Windows Server 2016 disc and attempting BOOTREC /FixMBR, /FixBoot and /RebuildBCD nothing happens and /RebuildBCD shows "Operating systems found:0"

I have attached the SDR logs from the restore of the server and some images of the not bootable and diskpart.


I've updated the ADK to the right version, Updated backup exec to version 22.2 and made a backup and sdr disc from 22.2, tried with a different USB and nothing seems to work, I have been on case with Veritas support since 29th February 2024 and they just keep asking me if the SDR disc boots and consistently trying to downgrade the case severity (I now realise after 12 years that backup exec wont restore my servers quite scary for me).

I once had similar issues with the support and found someone who could help in the forums, so hoping that lightning strikes twice


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If I remember correctly, you need to set up the UEFI partition before doing the SDR restore.  You need to search for some old discussions on this forum.

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I had a look about and found this:

I tried setting up the partition as this user found worked (Boot to Windows Disk, Recover this computer, Command Prompt, Diskpart, List Disk, Select Disk X, Clean, Convert GPT, Create Partition efi size=100, Retry SDR)

But again it didn't work I still get the same "no bootable device detected",

The only difference this time is that in all previous restore attempts I only had 3 partitions come up: EFI, Recovery, Boot/Storage, whereas in this restore I had 4 partitions: EFI, Recovery, Boot/Storage, Microsoft system reserved.

Any Suggestions?