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Hotfix 331998 for Backupexec 12.5

Level 1

Hi All, 

trying to get a download for hotfix331998 for backupexec 12.5 to allow backing up of server 2008r2 clients.

a bit ancient & unsupported i know, but unfortunatley my hands are tied :(

cant find any valid download links, media server is on sp4, but as far as i'm aware this hotfix is not included in any service packs?

liveupdate says up to date (doubt it even still functions)

Thansk in advance!


Level 4
Employee Accredited Certified


Finding a download link for this specific hotfix may be difficult as it's an old release. However, this HotFix should already be part of SP4 for BE 12.5. Did you try to push install RAWS to remote Windows Server 2008 R2 client and attempt the backup? If not, please try it and validate whether it works or not.