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Backup Exec

Level 2

My BackupExec has stopped working, and the "" file to restall from the portal seem to be corrupted as well. I can download, but can not unzip, as  I get the message " Unexpected end of archive" 

Does any one have any suggestions? I dont have any issues download loading the "Backup Exec 2012 SP4 Hotfix 217347", but ofcoruse I cant run that without first installing SP4.



Level 6

I tested the download and was able to download and extract the zip file and mount the ISO.

I verified the SHA-356 Checksum on the zip file to the Checksum value documented on the download fpage.


Thankyou for the reply, i attempted to download the zip file again "", and it seem to download fine, but when i attempt to unzip I get the Dianostic message,  C:\Users\Adam.FAHYDESIGN\Downloads\ The archive is corrupt.

Do you have another suggestions? Do I need to rename the zip file first, its strange to see the naming

Thanks Aagin