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How can I change my virtfile altitude for 2010 R3 SP4?

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As described here ( the Microsoft PSS agent has red-flagged the incorrect virtfile altitude as "a possible reason" the server has suddenly after many years started occassionally failing to create scheduled snapshots and becomes unresponsive when snapshot fail to create.

I'm skeptical this setting, has existed benignly for so many years, is actually a problem but nevertheless I need to change it. I don't see documentation for doing this anywhere. The incorrect altitude (429999.280700) lives in a few places in the registry. Can I just replace it with the sanctioned value of 280700 and reboot (and then try and get the agent to identify the real source of the problem) or is there more to it?


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You should be able to change it as you might have an issue that relates to it. For the benefit of other readers this change should only be done if an issue is suspected, no need to make changes it your environment appears to be working correctly (in  other words don't fix what isn't broken)