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How to exclude onedrive folder on client machine from backup

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Here is the symptom:

Scheduling a full SDR ebnabled backup from a remote Windows 10 1903 Enterprise. The user(s) use Office 365 and have OneDrive enabled. 

Backup Job fob fails with 0xe00084af because the agent cannot access the local onedrive path C:\Users\Name\Onedrive.

Its is not a problem for us if it skips the local OndeDrive directories but BE finally marks the backup as unusable for SDR. 

Beside that SDR cannot be used to recover the machine is is also not possible to convert the backup to a virtual machine. 

I tried to exclude the local onedrive directories but it seems that BE ignores them. So it fails anyway.

Any solution availble?


Thanx. I did not find this thread when I was searching thru the posts. Sorry.

I've set the reg key as sugested an I can confirm that the green light doesn't go away if I deselect an entry.

A full backup of a machine is currently running. As I am mainly interested in generating a VM from the backup I will report back what happened.

Job worked fine and did respect not to backup deselected onedrive folders.

SDR iso created sucessfully

Converting to VM fails with (translated) "0xe000a471 - Conversion ofUEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)-based Computers not supported".

I will se if I find a machine w/o UEFI