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Is there a dashboard for Backup Exec 2010?

We have a big monitor in our IT department that shows us problems with servers. Is there application/webpage I can use to display whether backups were successfull or not?  We would look at it in the morning to confirm the backups have run successful.



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Yes, there is a Remote

Yes, there is a Remote Administration Console(Backup Exec 2010 Remote Administration Console) which you can install to monitor everything.

Please refer to this article written by Craig:


Hi,   The Remote Console



The Remote Console isn't the's simply a means to log onto a server remotely without having to remote into it as such. Installing it won't give you a dashboard, and it is a 1-on-1 relationship so to speak. You can only remotely log onto 1 server at a time.

You're looking at the Backup Exec CASO option. Check below for more information:


The Remote Administration

The Remote Administration Console works perfectly for our use. Thanks, for your help :)