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Job does not continue

Level 4


I have windows 2003 server/exchange 2003 std.

After a short time,the job in backup exec does not continue backing up information store. (it starts and after a few seconds does not continue).

I uninstalled the agent in the exchange server and after restart i setup agent again - it didn't help.

I also cannot backup files and folders.

I also restart the backup server.

backup exec is up to date.

Please help



Level 4

Correction - I can backup files and folders !!!

I only can not backup information store


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Which version of BE 2010 are you using ? Hope it is BE 2010 R3.

Have you tried to reinstall the Agent for Exchange license ?

Have you tried recreating the Exchange backup job ? Do ensure AOFO is disabled for the Exchange backup.

Do ensure the BE account meets the configuration requirements as per -

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Couple of things to check out:


1. make sure that no AV installed is canning the B2D folder, or the BE services, and if so, put in exclusions for them.

2. Your B2D jobs are failing constantly...why? Have you checked the job log for them? If not, check and see what the error message is, and post back with an update.

3. Make sure there is enough disk space in the B2D, or that in the settings for the B2D within BE you haven't set limits that are too high.

4. Make sure there are no hardware errors on the disk subsystem housing the B2D, and if there are, respond to them by fixing them.