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Job just stops

Level 3

All of a sudden (within the past week) my backup exec job just stops, about 1/4 of the way thru. It seems to stop in exactly the same place.

When checking the log, no errors are reported, it just says "failed"

The machines that do get backed up seem to have a good backup, but then the job just quits.

I have checked the obvious such as network connection, enough room on the tape. The drive is cleaned frequently.

This just started happening.

Any suggestions?


Level 6
Have you tried deleting and re-creating the select list?

Level 3
The selection list is about 100 entries, so no, I haven't, but I could, if that's what it comes down to.

Last week this happened, and I moved the machine that it kept getting stuck on, to the bottom of the list. After I did that, the job ran fine, all except the one machine, for a few more days. Now, though, it seems to be getting stuck in a different place. I have taken *that* machine and moved it to the bottom of the selection list for tonight's backup, but I can't keep playing musical machines.

What would be causing this to just wig out all of a sudden?

It's been working for well over a year now.

Level 3
Job failed again, same place, 1/4 of the way thru.

I am receiving an error in event viewer, saying The directory is invalid.

Backup Exec Alert: Job Failed
(Server: "AUBSERVER") (Job: "Aub_Tues") Aub_Tues -- The job failed with the following error: The directory is invalid.

After digging around in the job history a bit, I am noticing I am getting the same error only on the machines that didnt get backed up. At the machine the job stops at, and for the rest of the selection list, that error is being returned.

Veritas! If you are monitoring this list, PLEASE jump in here. My remote site has gone for a week now without a good backup and I don't know how to fix this.


Level 3
I did a search thru the KB about the directory is invalid message.

The directories are NOT invalid, as in, they are there, right on the hard drive of the workstations, exactly in the same place where they were 2 weeks ago, when this was working.

BE is not seeing them for some reason.

WHAT is going on here???

Level 6
We apologize for the inconvenience caused because of the delayed response. Pleases let us know if your issue / problem is resolved so that we can archive this post.
However, if the issues still persist then refer to the additional suggestions mentioned below:

Usually, the error "Directory is inavlid" will occur when running a backup job which contains a reference to one or more directories which have been removed from the target drive.

Refer to the following Technotes to resolve the issue:

It would be also better if you directly upgrade free of cost to BE v9.1:


NOTE : If we do not receive your intimation within two business days, this post would be "assumed answered" and archived.

Level 6
As per our previous reply, marking the case as "assumed answered" and moving it to "answered questions" pool.