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Jobs stay Queued after windows update

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We recently updated all our Hyper-V hosts (Windows 2012R2 & 2016) with the most recent Windows update and HP Firmware/drivers.

After this The Hyper-V backups stoped working. after starting the job in went trough the normal preperations and at the moment that you expect it to start transfering data the status is Queued for ever. (until the runtime expires)

when changing the jobs to server side DeDuplication the jobs run fine (however it will no longer fit in the Backup Window)

we tried to run a full backup with Server side DeDuplication and change it back to client. however this makes no change.

Current installed version 20.1188.2217
All agents are up to date.
Agent based (non Hyper-V) backups are running fine.


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Use beutility.exe to repair the BEDB and see if this fixes it.

Good day CraigV

I did an consisticy check on the db's and they are all completed without errors.

The strange thing is that server side duplication is working as expected.

We even tried to creat an new Dedulication database. but the result stays the same.

any more suggestions?