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Media is unrecognized causing excessive mounts


Over the weekend we have had an issue with one of our tapes generating the following error:

Media is unrecognized.
The media labeled '000030L5' from slot '43', read by drive 'Tape drive 0004' is written in an unrecognized format. Erase the media to make it usable.

The issue is that Backup Exec 2012 continuously tried to use this media and over the span of about 8 hours this tape was mounted then unmounted 300 odd times until I manually intervened.

What's the best way to stop Backup Exec 2012 from unlimited re-tries?

Had a look through the options and couldn't seem to find anything. Looks like I could create an Error-Handling Rule to put the job on hold which would be acceptable however this particular error doesn't seem to have a code and I could not find it listed in the list of errors for a rule to target.

Any advice or help?


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I am not aware of my

I am not aware of my parameter/option that limit the number of retries.  Your condition is an exceptional one.

You can put this up as an idea in the Ideas section.


No way to find out the

No way to find out the Error ID to somehow create an Error-Handling Rule?


I have not come across any

I have not come across any error handling rules in BE.


BE 2012 - Yellow BE button,

BE 2012 - Yellow BE button, Configuration and Settings, Error-Handling Rules.


Ah!  I forgot about this.

Ah!  I forgot about this.  You would probably have to log a support case to get the information that you need and whether what you want to do is possible.