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Missing Synthetic backup option

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We have two full-timers here and both of us are a bit new, so I've been tasked with getting up to speed on our backup system(s). We are running BE 15, and I'm trying to determine if our backup schedule is meeting our needs. Ages ago, I would have set up a system of monthly backups with weekly differentials and daily incrementals. But this was when tapes were the thing, and our current systems now use disk-based backups. So, basically, we do a full backup every three months, and then just daily incrementals until the next full backup. 

Am I correct in assuming that if we needed to restore data to the server, BE would see this as one large job and would mount the media it needed and retrieve the data? I see the Advanced Disk-based Backup option in Backup Options where it will allow me to "Use offhost backup," but what concerns me is that I don't see the Synthetic job option available when I go to create a new backup job. Does this mean that we don't have the Enterprise Server Option installed? Since we have the ADBO option available, I thought that meant we do, but I don't see it in Licensing. 

We also have a Dell AppAssure product, which looks to be our option for any bare-metal restores we might have to do. One thing at a time, though, just dealing with BE right now. Thanks. 


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Take a look at the admin guide (BE 20). There isn’t much change with ADBO in BE 15 and BE 20

Thanks for the reference. But I'm still not sure how to tell if we are doing synthetic backups, or if we do indeed have the Enterprise option that should make synthetic backups available. I seem to have all the prerequisites, but I'm not sure what would happen in the event of having to do a file system restore. 

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Refer attached document. Hope it helps.

Thanks, I guess that helps in determining that we don't in fact have the Enterprise option. (We do have Virtual Tape Library Support; is this why I the ADBO/Offhost Processing option is available, and not from the Enterprise option?)

That means we are not doing synthetic backups, correct? If I look at what I can restore from our file server, only System States are available (and everything prior to 12/27/19 says "Items missing from snapshot"). So I cannot do a "complete online restore." But if I go to "Restore/Files, folders, or volumes" instead, I see that some folders within the Snapshots have an icon that says "Folder synthesized." So I am back to wondering if we are running Synthetic backups, or if this is a different feature. 

I was able to schedule and run a Differential job about 10 days ago. Not sure if I need to be doing that, however, 

Thanks in advance for any insights anyone might have.


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I think you have to buy enterprise server option


The Enterprise Server Option provides ultimate licensing simplicity by consolidating two Backup Exec Options into one. Each Enterprise Server Option gives you unlimited access to the Backup Exec Advanced Disk-Based Backup Option and Backup Exec Central Admin Server Option (Backup Exec SAN Shared Storage Option is built into the Backup Exec Central Admin Server Option).