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Backup Exec 20.6 NAS CIFS shares : Test Credentials Failing

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Hi Backup Exec Community Team, 

We are running a Backup Exec Verson 20.6 on Windows Server 2016.  

Storage NAS: Dell Unisphere 

CIFS Shares are enabled and accessible from any system part of the Windows AD Domain.

Able to access the CIFS shares from MAC systems.

Successfully added the NAS server in the Backup Exec using File Server/NDMP option and it is able to browse the shares and the contents from Backup Exec Console.

When trying to backup that CIFS shares, it is failing with the error below

"Backup Exec could not log on to the server with the logon account specified for it. The logon account does not have valid credentials. Ensure that the user name and password are correct in the logon account". 

Note 1: The same logon account is used from a Windows System using \\NASIP\sharename - it works. 

Logon Account in Backup Exec server is created as below

Username: DOMAINNAME\userid

Account Name: DOMAINNAME\userid  

Note 2: The DOMAINNAME\userid is a domain administrators group, backup operators group. 

Note 3: The DOMAINNAME\userid is also the logon account and the backup exec services are also started using the same account. 

We tried adding a Synlogy NAS as similar to above, there also it failed with the same exact reason. 

Are we missing something.

I have applied the latest Backup Exec hot fix as well. 




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1) The BE logon id must have RW access to the entire NAS.
2) Make sure that there is a DNS return path from the NAS to the BE Server.

1) The BE logon id must have RW access to the entire NAS.

Reply: Yes, the BE logon ID has RW access to all the shares that we are trying to backup.

2) Make sure that there is a DNS return path from the NAS to the BE Server.

Reply: NAS is joined as a AD Member in the Domain. Have configured the same DNS Servers as that of backup Exec Server.

Additional Observations: The backup exec is able to list the shares, shows catalogs available. Credentials shows success on the Main NAS IP, but the individual shares and the credentials are failing. 

Do you need any further logs or Information. 

Have attached the screenshot of the test credentials success on the NAS and failing on the NAS Shares. 

BE Logon Account is mentioned as DOMAINNAME\userid


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the account with which the BE services are running should be set as the Backup Exec System Logon account first. 
The account to backup the shares should have RW rights as you stated and can be just one of the logon accounts listed in Backup Exec logon accounts list. This should be enough to backup the shares.

Thank you. 

Able to successfully establish the connectivity now. 

But now the error is different when it is backing up.

Backup- NAS
V-79-57344-34041 - A communications failure has occurred between the Backup Exec job engine and the ... Remote Agent not detected on NAS.

But, this is a NAS filer with CIFS shares enabled. 

Attached the Debug job log

Am I missing something.

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Awaiting response from experts. Please help

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post the Job Log along with always on beremote or bengine debug log located at BE Install path\logs. Make sure to check the time of failure in Job Log and attach the always on log which are covering that time stamp.