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Mixing Synthetic policies with normal policies on the same data

Level 4

I am using Synthetic policies in Backup Exec 2010 R3 but am having issues restoring those backups to the the DR site which I am working with Symantec support on.  I have no problems restoring "normal" backup jobs at teh DR site.

I would like to preserve the Synthetic policies and keep them running in the hope that support can get them working at the DR site, but in teh meantime I want to double the backup jobs with "Normal" Inc, Dif, Fulls using a different policies.

So I will have data being backed up twice using the two methods. 

My assumtion is that Synthetic backups do not use the archive bit while "Normal" backups only use the archive bit.

My question is will the two backup methods on the same data  effect eachother in any way?