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After in-place upgrade (2012->2019) Netbackup will not run any backups or restores

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Yesterday I did an in-place upgrade on our Netbackup server from Win Server 2012 r2 to Win Server 2019. Everything regarding Netbackup seemed to come back and still be in place. However no backups will run. None of our schedules ran last night and even if I do a manual backup from Policies, nothing happens (nothing new will show up in Activity Monitor). No errors or anything just...nothing happens.

This morning I tried to do a test restore from a file server and it failed with this:

Apr 2, 2024 9:03:33 AM - Critical bptm (pid=2984) image open failed: error 2060025: unauthorized client host
Apr 2, 2024 9:03:33 AM - Info bptm (pid=2984) EXITING with status 83 <----------
Apr 2, 2024 9:03:38 AM - Error bptm (pid=10124) The following files/folders were not restored:
Apr 2, 2024 9:03:38 AM - Error bptm (pid=10124) UTF - /Shadow Copy Components/User Data/Distributed File System Replication/DfsrReplicatedFolders/Common/OIT/
Apr 2, 2024 9:03:38 AM - Info tar32 (pid=7628) done. status: 83: media open error
Apr 2, 2024 9:03:38 AM - Error bpbrm (pid=13384) client restore EXIT STATUS 83: media open error

Any idea why none of these things are working?



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I remember once I did the in-place upgrade of windows for a master server (it was Netbackup enterprise) which had the MSDP on the same host as well.
the issue was that some registry key for MSDP were vanished some how so I have to recreate them.this was causing the MSPD to show down.
Now Back to your issue, where is the media server, is it on same server as master server?
can you confirm that your , MSDP, storage server , etc all up and running.
create a new policy and try to add a backup and check if it does work on now.
do a manual backup of an existing policy and check the status?

So far it looks like everything is connecting and being read/found properly by the Netbackup Console. At first we had an issue with our Exagrid drive but that has been resolved. Netbackup can communicate with the media server, tape library/drives, individual servers its backing up, etc. It can now also successfully restore files. But it will not run any policies at all, even when you create a new one and try to manually run it. All the services are running (Policy Execution Manager, etc). I'm not sure what else could be causing this

ok I just needed to reboot the tape library apparently

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Two years ago I did upgrade in place in my master server, that was bad deal ! 

Operating system was fine but all my services Netbackup was missing, my binaries was installed in my disk D:\ not in C:\, so after 3 days with help support Veritas we can do everything works well.

Back to your problem, did you checked if certificate is OK? bptest from master to client is fine? telnet from master and host client working well?

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Do a manual backup of an existing policy and check the status?