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Problem using IDR for XP Pro PC backed up using DLO

Level 3
This is a test I am running to fully demonstrate BE10 ability to protect critical desktop PCs - eventually protecting others running SQL databases.
Successfully used BE10 DLO to backup entire XP Pro C: to media server.
Successfully used IDR wizard: created a boot cd. Created floppy that contains .sif and .dr files.
Booted same PC with CD. Started DR mode. Windows runs IDR, formats drive automatically, copies files, starts windows setup.
'Disaster Recovery Wizard' comes up.
Wizard Assistance is set for Automated and Restore to exact system is checked on.
'Select recovery file' comes up correct.
'Modify Hard Disk Layout' comes up correct
For 'Select Restore Method' : ' Install networking & restore from a remote media server' is selected
'Connect to Media Server' comes up.
The correct entries for the server,domain,user,password are entered.
After 30 seconds the 'Restore Data' dialog appears
Click on Next and the Restoring Data dialog appears and states 'The wizard is now restoring data to your disk' BUT IT NEVER MOVES.
Choosing 'Provide additional media to restore?' does nothing either.
Using Cancel brings up the screen 'You have completed the disaster recovery wizard'
Click Finish brings up a notepad screen with 'recovery application C:\windows\system32\asr_pfu.exe /restore /sifpath=c:\windows\repair\asr.sif' returns error code 0x2. Since this indicates an unrecoverable error, ASR cannot continue on this machine.'

Okay I've done this many times over (reloaded the PC, backed up using DLO, created IDR disks) just to be sure I didn't skip something but can not seem to get BE to show anything on the media server during the recovery.

What am I missing here? Does DLO not work with the IDR feature???

Level 6

unfortunately IDR is not supported with DLO.

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