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Remote Agents forNetWare

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I have recently installed (upgraded) to 10d on a Windows server running Server 2003 and I am unsuccessfully trying to install (push) the remote agents on a NetWare server. The install wizard completes to 100% but the next page states that the installation was interrupted. The log file on the NewWare server looks OK and I can start the agent on the NetWare server but it is 9.1 Build 1158.5. I cannot then connect from the Windows server.

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I'm pretty sure that the message about the installation being interrupted is purely cosmetic - in other words it does not mean that there was actually any problems during the install. If a BESTART on the NetWare server works ok and if NDMPD.NLM is loaded then all should be ok.

Do you see your NetWare server under Remote Selections-->NetWare Agents? If not, check that name resolution is working in BOTH directions. Can you ping by server name both ways? If not, try updating the hosts files on both servers and then try again.

You may also need to add the NetWare server to Tools-->Options-->NetWare SMS (remove the '*').


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Were any of the above suggestions of any help..?

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