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Restore .bkf files

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I have Backup Exec 12 on a server backing up a SQL Database to disk, I wanted to do some testing and wanted to restore a database on to a standalone laptop.

The laptop was set up with Windows Server 2012, and as Backup Exec 12 isn't compatible with Server 2012 I installed Backup Exec 15. I created a B2D folder in Backup Exec and then copied over the .bkf files from the current server to the B2D on the test laptop. I did an Inventory and Catalog on the B2D which only showed me the backupset names, nothing within it.

So I decided to copy the catalogs folder from the server (C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Catalogs) to the same folder on the laptop. After running a catalog job again I was able to see the backupsets and the databases backed up within it. However, when I try to run a restore by right clicking on the backup set I get nothing in the Restore Wizard window. I have tried changing the date range but still no luck.

Could someone point me in the right direction? How do I restore these database files, even if it is to a .bak file rather than restore straight to SQL?

What's got me more worried is that all the backups I am doing might be useless, if the server ever went down I would not have access to the Catalogs folder which would render the B2D folder with all the .bkf files useless. Am I right in saying this?