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Restoring 11d

We have an HP dx2300 that we used as a SqlExpress server. Since this is an "office" type computer, it really can't handle everything we have hitting it, so we bought a ProLiant DL320 server.
For ease of understanding, the dx2300 is named Bob, and the new DL320 is named Fred. The BE server is named Frank. They are running Windows Server Standard 2003, SP2.
I read this document: and it says
To recover a remote Windows 2000 or 2003 computer:
At the remote computer:
1.  Install Windows. This basic Windows installation is necessary to provide Backup Exec with a target to which it can restore the system. The computer name, Windows directory and the file system (NTFS) must be the same as the previous Windows installation.
My concern is if Bob is still online, and even tho I haven't joined Fred to the domain, if I try to rename Fred to Bob, then we get all kinds of warning messages about an existing computer on the network, then Bob will cease to function.
Do I need to take Bob offline before I start this process?
Would another way to do it is to change the static IP on Bob and Frank to something off this network, then rename Bob, then do the restore?

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Re: Restoring 11d

It sounds like you're saying that you need/want to BOB to be cloned to the new hardware, and then you want the new hardware to even have the name BOB instead of its current name, FRED.

You have a lot of options here, and it all really depends on what your needs are.  If BOB is just acting a SQL Express server, then it would probably be easiest to install Windows on FRED, then install SQL Server, and then detach and copy the databases from BOB to FRED, or backup the databases on BOB and restore them to FRED.  Once you have removed BOB from the domain, it would be simple to just keep FRED as is without renaming it to BOB, and simply join FRED to the domain.  However, if it has to be renamed to BOB, then you would need to go into Active Directory and either delete the machine account for BOB, or it would probably suffice to simply reset the machine account for BOB.  After you do this, you'll be able rename FRED to BOB, and then you can join the new BOB to the domain.

If you have a lot more going on with BOB than just SQL Express, and you really feel that you need to clone it exactly there are many ways to do this without using Backup Exec, and many of them would probably be better or simpler ways.  However, if you're going to use Backup Exec to do this in the way that was outlined in the instructions on the link you provided, then yes, your best bet is to remove the original BOB from the domain and delete or reset the machine account so that you can add the new BOB (FRED) to the domain.  Once you have the new machine, BOB, on the domain, you can begin the restore process as described.

Re: Restoring 11d

Ok, I think we will go with your suggestion....go ahead and keep Fred as the server name. The only thing affected anyway is cold fusion ODBC connections, which are easier to byebye Bob!
Thank you so much for your input.