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Storate Error. Not enough space

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Hello, I have Backup Exec 2012 Version 14 Rev 1798
I got the following error:
"The disk is out of space. As retention periods expire for backup data on the disk device, Backup Exec re-uses the disk space. To provide more disk space, you can create additional disk storage devices on other drive letters.  You can also delete the backup sets disk that are no longer needed from this disk storage device."

Yes the F:\ drive is full...

And this is Disk storage 0003

I am wondering how do i find the backup sets that are targeting the F Drive so i can delete them ?

I am deleting some backup sets...but the drive is not decreasing....

See attachments.

Thanks for your help,


Employee Accredited Certified

Backup Exec 2012 was in effect Version 1 of DLM (the new part of Backup Exec that manages disk storage)

Later versions of Backup Exec contained both enhancements and fixes to the way DLM worked, as such please move to a newer version of BE to avoid (or at least reduce the chance) of such issues in the future. Make sure you check our SCL before upgrading as any older operating systems and databsse applications may no longer be supported in the new versiosn.

Unfortunately for BE 2012 if space is not being reclaimed when you delete / expired backup sets, then you may have to take manual actions to remove the sets from, the console, the catalogs and the storage. However identifying what to manually remove (so that you don't touch sets you want to keep is not that easy.)  If you had been in a version of Backup Exec that was fully supported (and had kept your maintenance agreement going you could log a case for assistance with this.) In your current state, you may have to plan an upgarde to get such help.