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Trying to get job history of a job when the verify is running as a separate job via powershell

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I am running a powershell script from the post-job command.  It calls powershell.exe and then uses -file and -noninteractive to run the script.  The script calls get-bejobhistory on the currently running job to get it's completion status. The script runs on the media server, and is supposed to run after the verify, which is a separate job.  The purpose is to re-run the job up to three times, then fail out.  To get started I am just get the history of the job and saving it to a .CSV file.  The problem is after the job runs regardless of status, I have a blank file, 0 bytes.  When I run it from powershell it works perfectly.  Obviusly when I run the script the job is not running.

Is there a way to get this working?

Here is the very simple script:

$LastRun = Get-BEJobHistory -name "BAUERDB2 VIRTUAL SERVER BACKUP-differential" -FromStartTime $(get-date -uformat "%m/%d/%y") -FromLastJobRun
$LastRun | export-csv -path C:\Users\public\Documents\BAUERDB2-Diff.csv -notypeinformation


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No. Until the job ends, there is no job history.  Running the post command is part of the job and the job is still running.

You need to wait until the job ends before doing what you want to do.