Unable to connect to Windows Agent (RAWS)

"An error was encountered while attempting to browse the contents of 01OHHUD01STRM02. A network connection could not be established."

So far, the trial of Backup Exec has been miserable. I have a media server running W2003 at IP 90.xx.128.222 that should be backing up a W2008R2 server at IP 90.xx.128.212. That server at 212 has four ethernet interfaces configured. I've followed the directions in the admin document for proper security permissions for my standard domain account (not domain admin) so that on the target (08) box has all the rights. The DNS server correctly responds with the .128.212 address with nslookup from the media server. The only guess I have comes from SGMon in that the IP address for another interface (below) that is unreachable from the media server. I tried unregistering the server and re-registering it using the IP address but it requires the publishing from the agent to be turned on. With that, it goes right back to the server name and fails to connect (it shows the name in the list of windows servers but it obviously fails to show the contents). The address is unreachable yet it shows it below. Please help end the misery and thanks in advance.


BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [fsys\shared]        - FS_ResolveDevName: [\\01OHHUD01STRM02.{mydomain.net}]
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [fsys\mb2]           - MB2-Resolve returned 1
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [fsys\notes2]        - Notes Agent:CLNFileSystem::ResolveDeviceName
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [fsys\adc]           - ADC_ResolveDeviceName: pid = 3048, checking \\01OHHUD01STRM02.{mydomain.net}
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [beutil]             - ApplyRegExp(): Invalid input (\\01OHHUD01STRM02.{mydomain.net}). Parsing Failed.
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [beutil]             - GoodEvName(): Invalid EV device (\\01OHHUD01STRM02.{mydomain.net}).
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [beutil]             - ApplyRegExp(): Invalid input (\\01OHHUD01STRM02.{mydomain.net}). Parsing Failed.
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [beutil]             - GoodEvName(): Invalid EV device (\\01OHHUD01STRM02.{mydomain.net}).
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [beutil]             - Input Error (e000fe23) for Type: (43)
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [fsys\ev]            - EVM_ResolveDeviceName: Function Enter
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [beutil]             - ApplyRegExp(): Invalid input (\\01OHHUD01STRM02.{mydomain.net}). Parsing Failed.
{mydomain.net}). Parsing Failed.
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [fsys\ev]            - EVM_ResolveDeviceName: Function Exit
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [fsys\ntfs]          - Not valid device name : \\01OHHUD01STRM02.{mydomain.net}
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [dsss\rpc]           - RPCDsSession::GetLoginCredentials: Connecting to BEM API as user: {mydomainacct}
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - Could not resolve the "bews-ndmp" or the "ndmp" service, error code: 10109, using port 10000
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ndmpConnectEx: Querying the neighbour advertisement cache to discover information on '01OHHUD01STRM02.{mydomain.net}' ...
BENETNS:  [04/06/11 18:14:56] [3272]     NRDS API - client connected.
BENETNS:  [04/06/11 18:14:56] [5840]     Connecting to BE Database.
BENETNS:  [04/06/11 18:14:56] [5840]     Successfully connected to BE Database.
BENETNS:  [04/06/11 18:14:56] [5840]     Reading agent database record for 01OHHUD01STRM02.{mydomain.net}.
BENETNS:  [04/06/11 18:14:56] [5840]     Found agent record 3 for 01OHHUD01STRM02.{mydomain.net}.
BENETNS:  [04/06/11 18:14:56] [5840]     Disconnected from BE Database.
BENETNS:  [04/06/11 18:14:56] [3272]     NRDS API - client disconnected.
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ndmpConnectEx : Control Connection information: A connection was established between end-points and
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ndmp_readit: Caught message on closed connection. Socket 0x408 len 0x0
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ndmp_readit: ErrorCode :: 0 :
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ERROR: ndmpcSendRequest->connection error
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - ERROR: ndmpSendRequest failed:
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [BESocket]           - @@@@@@@MyCloseSocket called with sockfd = 1032(0x408) retval = 0
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0512]     [dsss\srv]           - DS_CloseSelectionService
BEREMOTE: [04/06/11 18:14:56] [0948]     [dsss\srv]           - DsWorkerThread terminating with exit code 0
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Hello Pecos,

In the selection list try to add the IP address of that server under User Defined Selections and then try to browse the contents of that remote server and back it up.




I tried that. It refused to

I tried that. It refused to add it via IP without publishing enabled so I turned it on. Once I did that, it went right back to the error. SGMon still shows the incorrect IP address like the capture above.

Still no help?

I'm at an impasse. Unless someone can offer a solution (workaround), I'll have to look elsewhere for a product that works.

Security for domain account & telnet works

Again, it's not a domain admin level account but a standard one. For the local security, the account has these rights:

  • Act as part of the operating system
  • Create a token object (which can be used to access any local resources)
  • Log on as a service
  • Log on as a batch job (allows a user to be logged on by means of a batch-queue facility)
  • Backup files and directories (provides rights to backup files and directories)
  • Restore files and directories (provides rights to restore files and directories)
  • Manage auditing and security log
  • Take ownership of files and other objects

Telnet works

I can telnet into port 10000 successfully with the service on and not without it. I get a few gibberish chars when I connect which is consistent with what I've read elsewhere. Firewall is off.


Hello Pecos,

First of all try to use a Domain Admin Account so that we eliminate any possibility of authentication,


Next try to disable 3 Network adapters on the remote server and see if its working with just 1 Network adapter connected. Then one by one add other adapters.




Ok. Now what?

Getting a domain account would be nearly impossible however it was not necessary.

I turned off the ethernet ports for the SAN(NAS via iSCSI on those private ports) and I'm now able to connect & browse so it proves that security is not an issue. However, the server is pointless without its storage so I'm right back where I started (it did not survive a restart). I need the stupid thing to use the correct network and registering via IP has not done anything useful. To reiterate, the DNS provides the correct IP —only one of them— as verified by nslookup.

To cover all possibilities (while the server was reachable) I created a selection list. After the restart/failure to connect, I tried running a backup job with that selection list and as expected, it failed.

I tried logging into the sql server database and found the table NRDSAgent which appears to store the connection information but I was unable to modify it to work as it doesn't appear to use the XML column but the Hex data column for the actual connection.

It's got to be a bug

So, it appears I'm looking at a bug in BE's code. Sucks too, because the UI for BE is much better than EMC's Networker.

My Trial Period is Rapidly Dwindling

Anyone think they can come up with a real solution before the trial period expires?

For that matter, is there a way to extend the trial period without hacking?

Hello Pecos,

Yes. There is way to extend the trial period. You need to call the customer care at 1-800-634-4747 and then speak to the Licensing department.

Ask them for Trail period extender. They will provide it to you and you can install it.





This needs to be filed as a bug. Has that been done? There are other reports of this not working on this forum.